Apache Superset is a modern, open-source data exploration & visualization platform designed to support all data personas in an organization.

Mature data visualization platform with robust features


State-of-the-art SQL IDE for preparing data for visualization

No-Code Exploration

Craft & customize beautiful charts without coding

Semantic Layer

Customize and publish metrics, columns, and virtual datasets

Caching Layer

Cache artifacts to avoid overloading your data stack

Speaks SQL Fluently

Query nearly any SQL speaking data source (40+ databases)

Rich Visualizations

Choose from a wide array of beautiful viz types (40+)

SQL Templating

Craft more dynamic dashboards using Jinja templates

Custom Viz Plugins

Build & import your own custom viz plugins

Granular Permissions

Highly configurable data access policies

Superset API

Interact with Superset artifacts using the API

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