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Past Events

Introduction to the Superset API

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Superset has a powerful API built on top of Flask App Builder that unlocks a few new workflows for engineers. In this live demo, I’ll introduce how to authenticate & work with the API and then showcase some common workflows for accessing Superset objects using the API. The accompanying slides & notebook can be viewed and downloaded here:

Using Dashboards to Help Manage All Community Channels

Superset Live Demo — Online

In this talk, we'll discuss how we built a data architecture to pull in data from disparate data sources and visualize the clean, processed data using Superset. We'll also touch on effective dashboard design for community managers and developer advocates!

Apache Superset 1.3

Meetup — Zoom (Online)

Apache Superset 1.3 was just released and brings a large suite of improvements. In this Meetup, we will showcase improvements to Dashboard Native Filters, new charts that were added, new supported data sources, and the numerous user experience improvements

Quantifying the growth and evolution of open-source communities with Apache Superset

Superset Live Demo — Online

Here we present a comparative analysis of top open-source projects to better understand what drives successful, healthy open-source communities. We created a reusable data architecture built entirely on open-source software that enables organizations to collect information on the growth and evolution of their communities.

Streaming Data Analytics with ksqlDB and Superset

Superset Live Demo — Online

Streaming data systems have been growing rapidly in importance to the modern data stack. Kafka’s kSQL provides an interface for analytic tools that speak SQL. Here, we review and compare methods for connecting Kafka to Superset to enable streaming analytics use cases including anomaly detection, operational monitoring, and online data integration.

New Contributor Bootcamp

Meetup — Zoom (Online)

In this guided session we will go through the essential steps to contributing a PR to Apache Superset. This includes: - Finding the contribution guide and identifying good first-time contributions - Setting Superset up for local development - Setting up pre-commit hooksgg - The PR process - How to contribute new features or larger changes through SIPs - Open Q&A

Join and Index Real Time Data Using Rockset and Superset

Superset Live Demo — Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Rockset is a real-time indexing database service for serving low latency, high concurrency analytical queries at scale. In this live demo, we will showcase how to join and index real-time data from multiple data sources in Rockset and how we can visualize the results in Superset.

Apache Pinot and Superset: Forecasting and Visualization

Meetup — Online

Superset was initially created to better support real-time use cases, where time series visualization and forecasting are both key components. In this lightning talk, Srini Kadamati will teach the key concepts behind time series analysis, visualization, and forecasting and how Pinot and Superset support these workflows.

Visualize Your Data Lake Using Apache Superset

Superset Meetup — Online

Superset has two key workflows, designed to support all personas in an organization. SQL-savvy analysts can tap into SQL Lab, and stakeholders can use Explore, a no-code viz builder that generates SQL for you. In this talk, we’ll showcase how both workflows empower end users to visualize data from Dremio in Superset.

High-performance data lake visualization with Dremio and Superset

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Query engines enable data-lake architectures by allowing SQL-queries on huge datasets in cheap cloud storage. Dremio is a high-performance data-lake query engine capable of sub-second queries over billions of datapoints. In this live demo, we will use Superset and Dremio together to enable high performance analytics on a huge dataset.

Using Airbyte, dbt, and Superset to Understand Open-Source Communities

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

In this live demo, we will talk about a portable open-source data stack that includes Airbyte, dbt and Superset. We will also show how Preset uses open-source tools to better understand the needs of the Apache Superset community and others like it

Visualizing Real Time Data Using ClickHouse and Superset

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

ClickHouse is a blazing fast, open-source, OLAP database that was originally incubated at Yandex. ClickHouse is designed for analyzing data that’s frequently updated. In this talk, we’ll showcase the end-to-end workflow of connecting to ClickHouse in Superset and then crafting charts & dashboards to visualize real-time data.

How to Build an Effective Marketing Dashboard

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

What makes a dashboard effective? In this live demo, we'll draw on principles from data dashboard design to craft an effective marketing dashboard in Superset. We'll use funnel visualizations, maps, and time series visualizations to build our dashboard.

Superset Community Roundtable: Using Superset with Streaming Data Architectures

Superset Roundtable — Zoom (Online)

Do you want to use Superset to visualize streaming data or have a use case in mind? Do you currently use Superset with Kafka, Pulsar, or another streaming data system? Come to this discussion and let's build some knowledge on this topic in the community.

Visualize Your Data Lake Using Athena and Superset

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Data-lake architectures are an increasingly important part of the modern data landscape. In this Live Demo, we will explain the architectures enabled by AWS Athena, go through setup, and connect Athena to Apache Superset to enable visualization and analysis of the data stored in a data lake

Developing and Deploying Custom Visualization Plugins in Superset

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

In this Meetup, Amit Miran from Nielsen Israel R&D will discuss how they develop and deploy custom viz plugins for Superset in their infrastructure.

Superset + Star Wars: May the 4th Be With You

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Celebrate May the 4th with this fun Star Wars themed data dashboarding demo. We'll push the customization limits of Superset and have fun playing with Star Wars datasets!

Time Series Visualization and Forecasting in Superset

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Superset was initially created to better support real-time use cases, where time series visualization and forecasting are both critical. In this live demo, Srini Kadamati will provide an overview of the Superset features specifically designed for time series visualization and forecasting.

Visualizing MongoDB and Pinot Data Using Trino

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

In this live demo, Brian Olsen from the Trino project will walkthrough how to join data from MongoDB and Pinot using Trino to build some COVID activity dashboards in Superset.

Tour of Preset Cloud

Preset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Get a quick tour of Preset Cloud Beta, our hassle-free, fully managed service for Apache Superset! We will showcase the key Preset features, and how to get started from connecting your database to building your first dashboard.

Superset Community Roundtable - Embedding Superset

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

In this small group setting (20 people max), let's discuss the common use cases and current challenges for embedding Superset, and brainstorm how to make Superset friendlier for embedding.

Superset Meetup - How Airbnb Customized Superset for Business Intelligence at Scale

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

Superset at Airbnb handles 2,000 users, 50,000 SQL Lab queries, 6,000 dashboard views, and 125,000 dashboard on a weekly basis. In this talk, Erik Ritter will provide an overview of the different techniques they’ve used to scale Superset and how they’ve integrated Superset with the rest of their data tooling.

Superset Community Office Hours - Contributor Bootcamp

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

Want to contribute to Apache Superset but don't know where to start? In this bootcamp (limited to 20 people), we'll provide a gentle introduction to contributing to the Superset project!

Apache Superset Community Office Hours - Feature Roadmap

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

In this small group setting (20 people max), a few committers will share context on the short-term roadmap and then will do an extensive Q&A. Bring your questions and suggestions!

Interactive Time Series Analysis with Druid and Superset

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Apache Druid is a column-oriented database optimized for high write volume, low latency reads, and time-series data. Learn how to load your time-series data into Druid, then take advantage of the power of Apache Superset to visualize and perform predictive analytics with Prophet.

Building a Database Connector for Superset

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Superset can query data from most SQL speaking data stores, as long as DB-API driver and SQLAlchemy dialect exists. In this live demo, we'll walk through a live example of adding database support in Superset.

Tour of New Features in Superset 1.0

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Superset 1.0 is a monumental step forward. In this live demo, you'll get a tour of features like scheduled email reports and an overview of the design changes.

Apache Superset Meetup - Superset 1.0 & ASF Graduation

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

Superset has just crossed two major milestones: the release of Superset 1.0 and graduation from the Apache Software Foundation as a top level project! Join us in our first meetup of 2021, as we will recap all we accomplished in 2020 and whats in our latest 1.0 release.

Superset Annotations

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Learn how to create chart annotations and how to use them effectively in different time series charts

Superset Semantic Layer

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Learn how to add date/time expressions, metrics, calculated columns, CVAS, CTAS, and saved queries. We will also offer live Q&A on things related to Superset!

Superset Meetup: Superset 1.0 Roadmap

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

In this community-wide virtual meetup, we will be going over our newly public Superset 1.0 roadmap, our most ambitious release to date!

Building Beautiful Dashboards - Superset Styling

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Learn how to customize your Superset chart and dashboards: from customizing colors and fonts, chart layouts, and adding logos.  We will also offer live Q&A on things related to Superset! 

From Zero to Customized Dashboard

Superset Live Demo — Zoom (Online)

Superset basics: from integrating your datasource, importing your table, exploring charts, to creating dynamic dashboards with filters. We will also offer live Q&A on things related to Superset.

Superset Meetup

Superset Meetup — Zoom (Online)

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